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love me some wingnuts...

Ron Paul

take the Giuliani

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Coming Out Insurance

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Bill Maher

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this was sent to me by a friend...

I am sending this story to you because I hope that when you choose a restaurant, you will keep this in mind.  My friends and I were treated very badly at Alioli's this weekend and I want as many people as possible to know about it.

This weekend I went out to eat with some friends - there were four of us including me.  We went to Alioli's on Brookside. We received horrible service - some examples:  the waitress told us we needed to wait 20 minutes before ordering because the kitchen was too busy, I ordered a martini and got a margarita and the waitress lied to me and told me it was a martini, we asked no less than 4x for butter, we had to ask repeatedly to get water, we had to flag down another waitress to get the bread we'd asked for (which we thought ought to be complimentary since we weren't allowed to order yet, but it wasn't), our food was all served at different times so none of us actually ate together, one of the plates of food my friends ordered didn't come out at all yet we had to ask for it to be removed from our ticket. Because of the horrible service, we each only gave a 10% tip on our tickets.  

After we paid, the couple that was with us left, and Wendy and I were sitting at the table finishing our drinks.  The owner came over to us and waved our tickets at us and told us that "In Oklahoma we give 15-20% as a tip".  I told him that we give tips based on service, and the service was bad.  I said "let's start with the fact that we were told by our waitress that we couldn't order because the kitchen was backed up."  He said "That's just the way it was tonight."  I said, "Well, that's just the way the tips are going to be tonight."  At that point he said "Get out!"  I said, "Fine we are leaving but we will make sure all of our friends know the way Alioli's does business."  He then screamed "GET OUT" causing the entire restaurant to stare at us.  We called our friends who had already left and one of them called the owner.  During that conversation he told her "We don't want your fat ass in this restaurant."  I have now checked my bank and it appears that the owner changed the amount of tip on my signed ticket, adding an additional $8 to the tip I left.


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touch screen desk

PC version of the touch screen work desk. This is cool, if you dont mind the boring content.