Friday, March 09, 2007

More Fear and Loathing in the SBC

It's become pretty clear, even to most bat-shit crazy "Christian" fundamentalists, that sexual orientation is genetically determined. Thus in recent years, you've seen the focus of their hate-filled musings shift from "being gay is a choice" to "you can pray the gay away and live a lie". Now one of the Southern Baptist Convention's Grand Poobahs thinks genetically modifying embryos to eliminate homosexuals from the population sounds like a grand idea. Isn't it odd (tongue firmly planted in cheek) how Christian theology is increasingly sounding like the philosophies of Adolf Hitler.

Now, if we could just isolate that gene for ugly, sophomoric, developmentally challenged, bigoted religious zealots we'd be in business.

Southern Baptist Leader Calls For Genetic Cleansing Of Original Sin


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