Thursday, February 01, 2007

Mooninite Shuts Down Boston

Parts of Boston, including highways, the Charles River and other waterways, were shut down today by what appears to be an elaborate hoax. As many as ten suspicious packages were planted in the metropolitan area. Some were reported to contain loose wires, while another was said to hold what looked like an explosive without the explosives and at least one package contained what appeared to be a Lite Brite emblazoned with an image of Mooninite.
"Aqua Teen Hunger Force has shut down a city," Fox News anchor Shepard
Smith told viewers, referring to the popular Adult Swim cartoon.
[The Raw Story]
UPDATE: This wasn't even a hoax - it was guerilla marketing for Adult Swim, and similar Lite Brite ads have been in place in 9 other cities for weeks. Boston freaked out and over reacted. Now they're pressing charges against the artists and are threatening to sue Ted Turner. Yeah, lotsa luck with that. [CNN]


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