Friday, March 17, 2006

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Leaders from the radical Christian extremist fringe, held a press conference in DC today to warn Republicans they'd better start working harder to advance their theocratic agenda.

It's going to be interesting, and potentially delicious, to watch this play out. The vast majority of Americans - even conservatives - have no interest in the radical agenda these folks are advancing. Yet the Republican party has allied themselves so strongly to evangelicals they fear they can't win re-election in 06 (and 08) without their support. But with the approval ratings of Bush and the GOP led Congress reaching new lows almost daily, neither can they win without the support of moderate (read non-brainwashed) Republicans - many of whom are currently dissatisfied enough to vote for Democrats - and Independents.

The typical playbook would have Lott, Frist and the rest of the wingnut puppets making lots of speaches and promises, but not really doing anything. I don't think that's going to work this time; they've allowed the Fundies to claim too much power. The GOP has been given a very fine line to walk.

An even more interesting question is what, if anything, will Democrats do. It doesn't seem like Democratic congressional leaders could find a unified message if someone gift wrapped it for them, but now is when the party should unite behind a sweeping campaign to send the GOP packing in November.

What's that old saying? Make hay while the sun shines...


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