Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Everyone's Favorite Topic

The French sometimes refer to an orgasm as "la petite mort" or "little death" - you know those French, so morbid - alluding to that all too brief out of body experience. Beautiful Agony is a website dedicated to catching this moment on film, and collecting your $14.95/month subscription fee (yes, there are free samples). Regular folk video themselves in the act and submit it to Beautiful Agony. The chosen few are placed on the site (and paid!). You can't see what they're doing, though it's often obvious; you just see their faces - their O face if you will.

You gotta love the Internets!

Update: you might want to hit mute before you try the sample below. The audio is NSFW for most of us.

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visit beautifulagony.com


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