Thursday, January 11, 2007

I'm Bringing Whiskey Back

A lot has happened among our merry little band in the past year. Many of us have new even more demanding jobs and, regretfully, we are even more geographically separated. During this time of change, "the blog" has fallen by the wayside and even Whiskey Wednesday itself has suffered. Many of us have bemoaned the need to get back on track with the blog and, judging from the volume of email that has been going back and forth, we cleary are ready to share timeless anecdotes, witty bon mots and Dick in a Box videos. So let the blogging begin! I encourage, no, challenge, each of you to put aside a few minutes each day for the sake of all that is good and right in this world. Viva la Whiskey!

Just to remind you how much fun we used to have. Hear are my predictions for the next 7 days on Whiskey Wednesday:

+ Jason will post something bizarre.
+ Jarrod and/or Dallas will go on an extensive tirade about something insignificant.
+ We'll still never hear from John.
+ Chad will work the term "scissoring" into at least 5 comments
+ Julie will get bored at work and make 20 posts in one day.
+ I will post something about Jake Gyllenhaal (hopefully in spandex).
+ Steph will get her geek on.
+ Paula will have to be completely re-trained on how to blog.

Any other predictions?


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