Friday, January 26, 2007

Audio Crush - Mika

Lebanese-born, British popster Mika is getting lots of blog love this week. Mostly because his single "Grace Kelly" is at the top of the UK charts and the video for the song is being promoted heavily in anticipation of his debut album Life in Cartoon Motion, but it also doesn't hurt that he's a cute little mo.
Of course, buzz is that he's the second coming of Freddie Mercury with a little Rufus Wainwright thrown in for good measure. You'll understand that comparison immediately when you hear "Grace Kelly" - he's got one of the best falsetto's I've ever heard, but he's also very talented and his music is very refreshing. "Grace Kelly" had to grow on me, but I can see it being a huge summer 07 song. The video is also really great - the little girl quoting Grace Kelly lines is perfect. I'm also a big fan of the track "Relax" (free download). Definitely more to this guy than a Queen tribute band.

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At 2/19/2007 2:40 AM, Blogger Jeffery said...

I think MIKA is great - I can't wait for US tour dates...

Show MIKA some LOVE by voting for him on AOL Music. He will be featured if he has the most votes by the end of March - GO VOTE NOW!

Also, check out my post here.


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