Monday, June 26, 2006

Dark Sided

Regular Malcontent readers will recall here fascination with Marguerite Perrin. The “Rev.” Marune is more than a little miffed that there are people who find Perrin’s hyperbolic rants amusing.

Marune, who wears trucker caps and women’s glasses that are too large for his face, focuses his wrath on late-night host “James” Kimmel, who — like many of us — had poked fun at the gap-toothed God Warrior.

In this video — all of which is worth watching — Marune spells out his grievance against Kimmel, then manages to confront the bemused TV personality directly in an attempt to save his soul, which Kimmel seems willing to trade for a delicious brownie.

If this whole thing is just a clever viral video intended to scare up viewers for a ratings-starved talk-show host, it is pretty brilliant. But there is a daft sincerity to Marune that makes me want to say: I believe!

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