Tuesday, May 23, 2006

An Incovenient Truth

Thanks for posting the trailer on the electric car film, Jason. Looks like something we should all see.

Also, check out this brief history of the electric car: it was invented in the 1830's and NYC's first fleet of taxis were 100% electric! The discovery of easily extractable oil (in Oklahoma no less!) is probably the only reason we're not all driving electric cars today. And there is no question that Big Oil is doing everything in it's power to squelch alternative fuels and more efficient gasoline engines - despite very loud lip service to the contrary.

Another film to check out this summer is Al Gore's global warming film An Inconvenient Truth. It's already got GWB and Fox News on the offensive (umm... I meant DEFENSIVE; they are offensive), so it must have hit a nerve. It opens here on June 23 at AMC 20, and I hope you'll all see it with me.Finally, check out this adaptation of Google Maps that shows the effect of rising sea levels.

UPDATE: Predictably, Big Oil is now unleashing their attack dogs on Gore: Learning about global warming from a film by Al Gore is like learning about Nazi Germany from a film by Joseph Goebbels.


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