Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Oscar Countdown

The Razzies are one of my favorite awards, but I would seriously be remiss if I didn't say something about the Oscars, AKA the Gay Super Bowl. This year Oscar will be gayer than ever. Just in case you were in a cave this morning Brokeback Mountain dominated with eight nominations, Capote grabbed five and Transamerica came in with two. I don't really care who wins - practically every nominee in every category is deserving - but it should be one of the most interesting Oscar presentations in years. Complete list.

These guys beat me to the punch, but when I heard Dolly Parton was nominated for her song “Travelin’ Thru” from Transamerica, I thought a) I can’t wait to see her perform at the awards and b) I can’t wait to see what she wears!

And yes, I know some of you will be SO glad when we quit talking about Brokeback Mountain. Give it time...


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