Friday, September 02, 2005

The Emperor Has No Clothes

And his ass is showing...

I know we're all almost to the point of being completely jaded with media coverage of "Killer Hurricane Katrina" and the like, but what a freakin' mess! As I've told some of you, I spent many of my childhood/teenage summers in the areas hardest hit by this disaster. So, when I see images of New Orleans, Biloxi, Gulf Port, Waveland, Bay St. Louis, etc. in ruins it literally makes me sick to my stomach.

But the biggest tragedy is the complete ineptitude of our government, which is now painfully exposed. When did the Keystone Cops and the Three Stooge's take over FEMA? Bush has, time and time again, funneled money away from building and maintaining our national infrastructure in order to pay for his phony war in Iraq and to give his buddies tax breaks. And now Bush and his cronies have the gall to lie about the situation and play the blame game with state and local officials.

Please, please arm yourselves with the facts (all sides) and don't let anyone get away with whitewashing the complete and utter failure of this administration.

I recommend John Aravosis's AMERICAblog for a good compilation of media coverage from around the world -- with a bent to the left, of course.

And props to Anderson Cooper, Paula Zahn, Ted Koppel and the many others from the MSM who are turning up the heat on these roaches.

ONE OTHER THING: FEMA is listing Operation Blessing as one of three organizations for cash donations. Please be aware that Operation Blessing IS Pat Robertson. Please discourage everyone you know from giving anything to that bastard.

And thanks for allowing me to vent! It's therapeutic...


At 9/02/2005 1:00 PM, Blogger Schroger said...

Thom... Thanks for posting that.

I have placed a link to AmericaBlog under NEWS.


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