Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Tulsa Zoo on NPR

NPR aired a story on Morning Edition. Check it out, you can listen with Real Player.

Tulas Zoo Story


At 7/06/2005 3:15 PM, Blogger ThomG said...

There will be another Parks Board meeting in the morning, complete with Christian whacko nutjobs. If you're not busy, it's sure to be entertaining. And it will be even more of a media feeding frenzy than the last (ABC Nightly News, CNN and NPR are there for sure). I'm staying home. My blood pressure got way too high last time...

It is widely expected that the Parks Board will vacate their previous ruling, ie there will be no creation display at the zoo.

That sound you hear is the radical right's collectibe head exploding.

Or is that LaFortune's head rolling...


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