Monday, September 12, 2005

My Dream Journal

I had some strange dreams this weekend and am bored at work so you guys get to read about them whether you want to or not. Hahahahahaha!

Dream #1 — Because of the hurricane and some other weird natural disaster that left more than half of the U.S. in shambles (I think it was a super volcano) the U.S. decided to change its borders to include only a small square in California (smaller than Oklahoma). My sister and mom were moving there along with most of the country, but I wanted to stay here. I had one fear — the Mexicans were probably going to try and invade now that the land was unclaimed. Then my dream kind of altered a bit and Mexicans in football uniforms started beating the shit and killing boys from my home town (which was at this point something like Miami or Vinita). I stayed in my house and Mexicans that looked more like Old Western dudes took over tried to rape me, but his general busted in and saved my life. I think we may have fallen in love after that, but not so sure.....Very lonesome doveish.

Dream #2 — This one I can't go into too much was a little dirty. Okay, a lot diry...Christina Agueliera dirty. Let's just say it involved a guy from high school with a very large attachment and my ex boyfriend's little brother (though not at the same time). Apparently I was very slutty in my dream last night. Then later on in the dream, this young girl showed up with a baby, only the baby looked like a miniature doll with toilet paper stuffed all in its clothes. Very scary looking baby. She was sitting in a hot car with it, saying the baby was cold even though it was burning up. Then the kid started talking like an adult. Very strange. Didn't quite understand that one. I'm sure you guys wanted more detail on the former part of the dream, but I turn red even thinking about it!


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