Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Death Trivia — I am obviously bored

• In 1355, when King Pedro of Portugal was crowned, he dug up his mistress to have her properly honored as queen. Loyal subjects bowed before the decorated corpse and had to kiss her hand. That was nice of him - most women can't even get their husbands to take them out to a simple dinner while they're alive ...

• Cosmic Irony - The person who wrote the famous song, "Keep the Home Fires Burning" burnt to death when their home caught fire.

• Armadillos and humans are the only animals that get leprosy.

• Nosophilia refers to those who get sexually aroused by the knowledge that a partner is terminally ill. They will even stake out support groups for those with terminal illness like others flock to dating services, pretending to have had a family member or friend that passed from the disease, which is why they're there "trying to learn".

• When Thomas Edison died in 1931, his pal Henry Ford trapped the inventor's last dying breath in a bottle.

• Henry the VIII executed some 72,000 subjects. His favorite method was boiling people to death.

• If you're planning on being cryogenically frozen, the ideal time to start the procedure is within 10 minutes of death.

• It's impossible to kill yourself by holding your breath, so if a kid pulls that on you, say, "That's nice, dear. Go right ahead.."

• When Thomas Edison died in 1931, his pal Henry Ford trapped the inventor's last dying breath in a bottle.

• King Cambyses of Persia (525 BC) marched 50,000 troops into the desert to attack Amun, on the Libyan border. A sandstorm of epic proportions boiled up and buried them all. Maybe that was Vida’s ancestor…

• The leading cause of death to military personnel in peace time is drunk driving.

• Funeral directors in Florida get 500 frequent flyer miles for every corpse they ship out of Daytona Beach International Airport.

• It would take more than 2.5 minutes to fall from the top of Mt. Everest. Then you'd go --->S P L A T <---

• In the 'old days' men and women used a Laff Riot of deadly substances for cosmetics, which would often lead to their insanity and death. Lead was used for that pale white skin in the form of Lead white and Venetian Ceruse, which was absorbed into the skin, into the tissues and blood and caused acute lead poisoning. Mercury, in the form of mercury sublimate or "Solman's Water" was used to remove warts and bleach freckles. Ditto. Belladonna, a fatally toxic hallucinogen, was used to redden cheeks and lips.

• When Anne Boleyn was beheaded, so was her dog, Urian. Guess that showed her.

• Mysophilia is the practice of ingesting the body fluids of corpses, particularly urine.


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